Furbabies Calgary

Pet Visits

Pet visits include:

  • Feeding as per your pet’s schedule
  • Fresh water
  • Wash Food/Water bowls
  • TV/Radio turned on for background noise for your pet companionship, if requested
  • Pee/poop break
  • Dog Walks (an additional charge if requested due to time constraints)
  • Feet and belly cleaned if wet or muddy from outside
  • Lots of exercise, play time, ear and belly rubs and any other individualized care/attention on your pet’s terms
  • Any medication administration requirements (pill, liquid or injection)
  • Backyard waste removal/Litter box cleaned out daily so you don’t have to deal it when you get home
  • Check all floors and spot clean any accidents that may have occurred
  • Clean rugs and floors (if your pets shed a lot, I am not shy about pulling out the vacuum, broom or mop so you come home to a clean house)
  • Indoor plants watered
  • Backyard feeders filled (birds and squirrels)
  • Seek medical treatment in case of emergency
  • Clean cages (small pets), feed and change water (please advise on instructions)
  • Daily grooming (brushing) if requested
  • Treats (upon your approval)
  •  Home security check, as requested (dependent upon how long you are gone)
  • Daily Log – checklist daily will be left to verify services have been provided for and notes on your pet’s day while you are away. We can give you daily updates as well by e-mail and/or send photos, if requested.