Furbabies Calgary

Home Security

Don’t have a pet and just need a security check done. No problem. We can give your home the “lived-in” look while you are away.

Were you aware that the majority of Insurance Companies home insurance policies can be affected when your home is left unattended for more than 72 hours? Our Home Security Services provide you with the added protection from the criminal element or unforeseen emergencies when not at home.

  • Any pet requirements, if any, as listed above
  • Adjust drapes, shades or window coverings
  • Alternating lights manually or on timers
  • TV/Radio rotation
  • Mail, newspaper, packages, flyers, etc brought in daily
  • Full house check (water heater, windows, doors, furnace, air conditioner appliances)
  • Interior/Exterior check
  • Backyard feeders filled (birds and squirrels)
  • Documentation of findings, if any and will make contact with you or your emergency contact for instructions on how to proceed)
  • Water indoor plants
  • Take out the garbage and recycling on designated days, and bins returned
  • In winter, if it snowed while you are away, driveway and walks shovelled (average size lot) (any larger, an added fee may apply)
  • In Summer grass cut and water plants and grass (average size lot) (any larger, an added fee may apply)
  • Any other instructions you may want done
  • Arrange for any emergency home repairs, once you are notified
  • Daily Log – checklist daily will be left to verify services have been provided for